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Make - up


Daily make up 2.200 Ft
Special occasion make up 4.500 Ft
Extrame make up 5.500 Ft
Bridal makeup trial 6.000 Ft
Bridal makeup                                                                     6 000 Ft




KARAJA make - up

Italian Makeup Brand Karaja has been setting trends around the world since 1995 and remains one of the leaders in cosmetics to this day. The brand offers a complete range of products for professional makeup artists and for retail, all of which are available to purchase individually or as part of one of the functional and eye-catching stands.

The Karaja line is designed to bring life to makeup with shine, shimmer, dazzle and glitter. It is made to the highest FDA standards with cosmeceutical grade ingredients. Look out for seasonal additions to the range to keep your look or your makeup business as vibrant and on trend as the catwalks of Milan!

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