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La perla black pearl treatment

LA PERLA NERA, the revolutionary professional and natural beauty treatment developed by the MAVEX Laboratories in Switzerland:

- Cleans your skin of all impurities and toxins from environmental pollution
- Fights the aggressive reactions that stress your skin
- Fights skin ageing induced by exposure to sunlight and pollution
- Reinforces the skin's barrier effect by activating cellular self-repair mechanisms

Your skin looks immediately more luminous and younger, revitalised and invigorated.
Wrinkles and pores becomes less evident.
Your face will find a new freshness and its natural splendour.

LA PERLA NERA 50' - 50 mins Face treatment     11.900 HUF

LA PERLA NERA 60' - 60 mins Face treatment + cleaning and steaming     13.500 HUF

LA PERLA NERA 65' - 65 mins Face-neck-decolletage treatment     16.500 HUF

LA PERLA NERA 80' - 80 mins Face-neck-decolletage treatment + cleaning and steaming     18.000 HUF


Forever ganoderma botox effect treatment.

Mavex's research in Switzerland brings you this wonderful natural product ,for thousands of years considered the secret of longevity and youth.The GANODERMA extract possesses extraordinary anti-ageing properties:Evident effects on cell renewall and on the reduction of wrinkle depth.

-Increases skin hydration and tone
-Possesses important anti-oxidant properties,indispensable to fight aging caused by time and exposure to sunlite
-Stimulates collagen synthesis
-The products use only precious vegetable active principles and new-generation phytocosmetic complexes,the result of the most advanced Swiss research and of avant-garde production technologies.


GANODERMA 80'       Face-neck-decolletage 85' mins                               18.800 HUF  

GANODERMA 90'       Face-neck-decolletage + cleaning-steaming         20.300 HUF


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